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B2B Marketplace

SOOOF is an online B2B platform that connects the world of corporate buying with global suppliers across many industries. SOOOF’s model complements a company’s procurement process while providing the benefits of volume buying, selling, and funding. Showcase your products, services, projects via deals, personalized storefronts, and SOOOF’s enhanced advertising channels.

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Crowd-Order & Crowd-Sourcing

Buy together, sell together, fund together. SOOOF’s B2B social media platform gives the ability to anonymously join other companies in a Crowd-Order deal for specific products, services, or projects. This translates to increase sales volume for your business and preferential pricing. Selling as a group offers companies the chance to take part in larger, more complex opportunities. Grow your funding through Crowd-Sourcing.

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Social Media

SOOOF is an open platform that allows you to interact directly with customers and partners in real-time, including inquiries, quote requests, or request for proposals. Through our "Join", "Watch", and "Share' features, customers and partners can follow your updates at the product, service, project or storefront level. A fast, easy, personal way for you to touch the business world.

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Growing Community

Businesses from over 100 countries are part of the SOOOF Community with new members joining every day. SOOOF connects your business with the right suppliers, experts, opportunities, and financing. SOOOF is also especially focused on the growing Clean Technology industry featuring energy efficiency, renewable energy, and retrofitting.

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Special Projects

SOOOF provides personalized partner services for Special Projects and the specific needs of both buyers and suppliers. Notable projects include the Clean Technology Economic Zones, retrofitting street lights to solar for a country in the Middle East, building solar plants in Africa, wind farms in North America, and the development of a 40-acre Green Community in the Caribbean.

How It Works

Select a Plan and Register with SOOOF

Register with SOOOF and join the growing community. Try risk-free with the Basic Plan which allows you to experience SOOOF on a limited basis with no monthly fee. The Professional Plan will enable you to take full advantage of the marketplace with a personalized storefront and ability to publish an unlimited number of deals for a $39.99 monthly subscription fee. Both plans have a 2.5% commission fee for every successful order.

Setup your Digital Storefront

SOOOF gives you the ability to set up your personalized storefront on the SOOOF Marketplace that can be accessed globally. Showcase your company, your products and services, and even downloadable product catalogs and details. The storefront also allows a communication channel from your customers to you.

Publish Your Deals

Deals are your listings on the SOOOF Marketplace. They can be either based on units sold for a product or service or total dollars spent on a range of items. You may also use the traditional model of immediate orders and sales or a SOOOF exclusive Crowd-Order model which allows many customers to buy into a single deal for more significant volume discounts for them and higher volume sold for you.

Receive Your Orders

We find the customers, and you complete the orders. When a Crowd-Order or an individual Buy-It-Now Order is successful, SOOOF will notify you. Then, you complete your order with the customer(s) as you usually would. Customize, personalize and provide customer service to complete the transaction your way, your schedule. As always, your SOOOF Account Manager will be here to help you with every step of the deal process from start to finish.

Access New Opportunities and Projects

Being an open collaborative and social platform, SOOOF receives new opportunities and requests to bid on Special Projects daily from all over the world. We are here to help connect your company, facilitate interaction with new customers, and provide you access to new markets in new ways. All you do is tell us the type of opportunities you have interest with. We do the rest.

Tell Your Company Story

Crowd-Ordering and Crowd-Sourcing

Access to Quote Requests & Special Projects

Creative Content Support

Publish Deals on SOOOF Marketplace

Add Additional Team Members on Account

Exclusive Advertising Channels

Basic Plan

Join the community risk free.

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No additional monthly fees. When you sell there is a small commission for the order.

Select Basic
Professional Plan

Take full advantage of our dedicated B2B Social Media Platform.

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$39.99 USD / month

No additional monthly fees. When you sell there is a small commission for the order.

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